Step by step guide to choose a holiday apartment in Dubai

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Renting apartment is often a more affordable option than staying in a hotel. They offer extra living space, fully equipped kitchens – even a shared pool or games room! Like any planning for any holiday, organization is key to the ultimate relaxing and stress-free escape! Here are some best and all-important tips by dreamzUAE for getting the perfect holiday accommodation for you and your family or friends.

People have increasingly taken to holiday apartments or short term rental accommodation when it comes to planning for a vacation or even a short trip. Why? Using apartments gives you more space and flexibility and adds quality to the entire period of your stay. Plus, short term rentals are affordable and do justice to our strict budget, which is definitely a bonus when you plan a tour to slightly expensive destinations like Dubai.

Here are some quick and most effective tips on how to get the best holiday rental apartment in Dubai!

  • Plane well ahead of time
  • You must always remember that the best available accommodation is always booked quickly. When you are done with your research and clear on your accommodation criteria, proceed to the next step as fast as possible – BOOK it. Get the booking done at least 3 months prior to travelling. That ensures you have your hands on the best accommodation available. But if you plan to travel to Dubai during the peak season, you need to find booking at least 6 months in advance. Sometimes – just to be on the safe side, people even book their desired accommodation 9 months before travelling.

  • Do your homework
  • Whether it’s your solo trip or you are travelling with your family, it is must to do your homework first. Find out which neighborhoods best suit your trip and provide an easy access to transport and airports. One of the most important part of your initial research is to check the rental apartment prices. This will help you to recognize value for money while reviewing different options. Be smart. Don’t travel at peak times if it isn’t urgent. Prices always skyrocket during that season. However, DreamzUAE promises to provide the best available prices to its customers.

  • Check the location carefully
  • One of the many benefits to a vacation rental is getting off the beaten track. However, we can sometimes get swept away with finding a gorgeous holiday home in a beautiful location at a great price and forget about checking out the location carefully. Is remote what you’re looking for or would you prefer to be close to shops and restaurants Is it walking distance to the beach or happy to save some money and drive with wet sandy kids and dogs in the car? If you aren’t bringing your car or don’t have one, is the home near public transport or can you get everywhere you want to go by foot? Is there a taxi service nearby? Is the house on a main road?

    This one tip is an important one, not checking out the location properly can sometimes result in a very frustrating holiday.

  • Never ignore the reviews
  • Reviews, reviews, reviews. Read them. They will help you discover whether the apartment is worth renting or not. Keep an eye on the tone of reviews. Many people don’t publish negative reviews on their websites and that means you are being kept aside from the real picture.

  • Take advantage of the photo gallery
  • More photographs means more clarity and better understanding of a particular apartment. It’s always a good idea to search for apartments where photographs showcase different rooms available to the renter. That will give you a better understanding of the layout of the apartment you intend to rent for your holiday.

  • Check what’s already at the property
  • Another tip for a more relaxing holiday is to check what items are already at the property. If you’re holidaying with kids or even pets, it is always nice when you don’t need to load the car up with all the paraphernalia they usually require on a day to day basis. High chairs, toys, cots, dog beds and bowls, and coffee machine(depending on the home) so it is best to check in advance when you’re browsing for a holiday home and see what is on offer. The less you are lugging around with you, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

  • Look for extra perks
  • It is always better if you can get something extra, one should always see for the chance of getting some additional facilities while on a trip.If you are a gym and fitness freak check if there is a possibility of getting a shared gym, a private or shared swimming pool, a steam sauna, etc. Traveling with kids can be much more easier if your accommodation offers you a garden for kids to play, a library room for you if you have a habit of reading books.

  • Conclusion
  • These were some very important points one should always remember while booking an accommodation for your holiday.